posted by Ragib - March 15 2011 09:40:06 PM
you have two pendulums.both of them are hung from same height.they both are hung with exactly same long string.both the bobs are of same radius.but one is full of water and one has half of it full of water.which one would be more frequent?
Reply by Caprico - March 16 2011 06:34:40 AM
I don't know what you exactly mean by more frequent, but if you mean, which one will have lesser time period, then the answer is the one with the bob full of water. The one filled half with water has a lower centre of gravity, and the the effective length of the pendulum is more. Frequency is inversely proportional to length.

No offense, but these are again starting to look lyk problems from my textbook. Your sports riddles are good, post more of those kind... I have not replied to them, coz I'm not a sports buff, don't know much about rules and all... These are problems that are actually given to us in class...

Reply by Ragib - March 16 2011 06:54:13 AM
sports riddles are tough to create.they take know,i know that the problems i am giving here wouldn't be answered by anyone but you.i am really bored with the fact that people aren't answering the sports riddles.hope you would present some new riddles here.i love math.i asked about your facebook id,remember?i hope you are a good choice to discuss problems with.

Reply by Caprico - March 18 2011 02:06:10 AM
yeah, this site's not quite popular... first it was very active, but now nobody visits... And ya, I love maths problems... Just not when I'm looking for just riddles :P ... Otherwise I like a challenge... :D

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