posted by Ragib - March 11 2011 10:12:35 AM
cristiano ronaldo and messi both scored same numbers of goals in the same match.garay also scored a goal from one else scored and there was no own goal.ricardo carvalho could have been handed a red card too. In the whole match mascherano didn't make a good pass at all.ronaldo was scoring but valdes could not do anything to stop him.the game ended 6-5.but real madrid wasn't to our surprise the could this happen?
Reply by Ragib - March 12 2011 01:08:38 PM
4 ur infrmtion,ezequail garay is albielceleste real madrid defender.please any 1 answr.its easy.just read it over sometimes.hint-don't focus too much on football rules.let the sun rise.

Reply by Ragib - March 15 2011 06:51:10 AM
i believe that no one would answer this,i am gonna reveal the was a match between argentina and ronaldo,ricardo carvalho are portuguese,messi and garay are argentine,ronaldo scored 5 goals and so did messi.last goal from garay won them the match.valdes could not do anything because he was a viewer,argentina won and real madrid was not the winner.

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