beware!it's not a riddle.
posted by Ragib - March 17 2011 12:54:04 AM
i am following the site for over a year.but joined it officially just a few days ago.what i understand is that we all who follow are friends with no identity.but we can evolve this friendship to another level.i want all of us to be friends on facebook.i believe we all have facebook accounts.if you all think alike,please post any comment either here or on facebook official fan can be accessed from this site,hope you know.
Reply by Sifat - March 19 2011 09:30:06 AM
We are already fb friends........ U added me from the officila page.. I used to post riddles regularly at this forum. Only Caprico answered them i guess. So, then i lost some interest and stopped posting riddles. I also contacted with the bigriddles team for some help in technicality of the site and told them to spread bigriddles forum among people so that more people could answer more riddles. But, to be very sad, i did not see any positive response. But ya, I want to post more riddles if i get active members to answer that. Also Thanks Ragib.....

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